Title: World Bank Search
URL: http://search.worldbank.org/
Date of Publication:
Description: Access and download data and metadata for all countries in the world. Data sets include: primary energy sources, energy consumption, electricity, renewable energy, waste, water, transport, fertilizer, mortality, employment, environmental sustainability, education, wastewater, hospitalization, migrations, methane, NOX and CO2 emissions, etc.
Theme / Sub-theme / Topic: Storage & Grid (energy) / Transmission
Policy, Laws & Regulation / Key Agencies and Administrations
Policy, Laws & Regulation / Investments
Fundamentals (energy) / CO2 emission from combustion
Fundamentals (energy) / Forms of energy
Energy Supply / - General -
Energy Demand / Manufacturing & Industrial
Energy Demand / Transport (personal)
Energy Demand / Transport (public)
Economics of Saving / Price data
Energy Demand / Public goods and services / - General -
Earth / Climate / Climate Data
Action: Data
Data Type: Data
Key Source: Key Data Source
Source Type: Inter-government
Region: Global
Agent: Energy We Need
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